Learn about the history of the Guggenheim Museum and explore the modern artwork it houses'inside and outside the building'during this 90-minute guided tour. Admire the stunning architecture of the Frank Gehry-designed building, and learn from your guide why Bilbao was chosen as its home.'Walk through the museum'galleries, atrium, and terrace'as you get to know the most important works of the museum'in its rotating and permanent collections.

At 11:30am or 5pm, meet your guide outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao'to begin a 90-minute guided tour of both the inside and the outside of the museum. Learn why Bilbao was chosen as the home for the stunning Frank Gehry-designed building, and discover the structure of the building and the outdoor sculptures that surround the museum.

Then, get to know the most important works of the Guggenheim's permanent and rotating collections as you wander through its galleries, atrium, and terrace in the company of your guide. Your museum entry is good for the day, so at the end of the tour you may continue to explore the collections of modern art at your own pace.

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